Trans Kids: It's Time to Talk - With Stella O'Malley

movie 2545676 1280stokpix pixabay Stella O'Malley (irische Psychotherapeutin) betrachtet den enormen Anstieg der Zahl junger Menschen, die einen Geschlechtswechsel anstreben, stets auch durch das Prisma ihrer eigenen Geschlechtsidentitätsprobleme, die sie selbst als Kind erlebt hat. Sie war sich seit ihrem 4. Lebensjahr sicher, dass sie eigentlich ein Junge war, aber im Laufe der Pubertät änderte sich das. O'Malley drehte 2018 den Dokumentarfilm 'Trans Kids: It's Time to Talk' über Gender-Dysphorie bei Jugendlichen für Channel 4

Im Juni 2022 wurden einige Clips aus dem Film auf Youtube veröffentlicht:

01: Matt, Rachel and Peter
In the first clip Stella travels to South Wales to meet Matt, and mum Rachel and stepdad Peter. With their daughter Matilda now presenting as male, Rachel and Peter are at a loss to know what to do for the best.

02: Cole & the Influencers
With online trans influencers growing in numbers, Stella O'Malley pays a visit to Cole, a female-to-male transitioner whose trans journey has been publicly documented for all to see. What's it like being an influencer? And what influence does it have on your own self-perception?

03: Kenny's Unplanned Journey
In this clip, Stella meets Kenny, whose journey through transition has been one of following her – then his – nose. Rather than having a specific endpoint in mind, Kenny reveals how transition can often be a step-by-step process, with precious little guidance afforded by clinicians.

04: Stella meets James Caspian
In this part of the documentary, we meet James Caspian. James intended to research the phenomenon of detransition, only to encounter unprecedented institutional resistance. Why is there so much pressure to avoid discussing detransition? And why is the whole topic of trans so difficult to discuss?

05: The Protest
In by far the most talked about segment of "Trans Kids: It's Time to Talk", a peaceful gathering of gender critical feminists and their allies turns nasty when a group of protesters shows up. For many viewers, this was their first experience of the "no debate" culture that now surrounds gender issues – and still one of the most shocking examples.

06: Cale & Detransition
Stella travels to London to visit Cale, a detransitioned woman. Looking back at her own transition, Cale offers new insights into what motivated her to present as male – and what changed her mind.

07: They're lost & they're being led
The final clip from "Trans Kids: It's Time to Talk" is certainly the most thought-provoking. Believing that an entirely new treatment model had been developed to help kids, Stella realises that the young people she has met are simply being left to fend for themselves, and that the robust clinical approach she expected to find just wasn't there.


Trans Kids: It's Time To Talk, 2018, Channel4