Detransition - Der Elefant im Raum

elephant 826851 IsabelFernandez pixabay cEnde November 2019 trafen sich in Manchester über 200 Menschen bei einer Auftaktveranstaltung zur Gründung des Detransition Advocacy Networks unter dem Titel “Detransition: The Elephant in the Room. Medical Ethics in the Age of Gender Identity“. Auf Podiumsdiskussionen wurde über den Stand der Transistionsmedizin diskutiert und es kamen junge Detransitionierte zu Wort.

„Most detransitioners felt betrayed that they were never offered an alternative route beyond gender reassignment surgery.“

Bericht „Detransitioners are living proof the practices surrounding ‘trans kids’ need be questioned“,, 2020

„World's First Gender Detransition Conference“, Manchester, 2019

Praktiken müssen hinterfragt werden

Dr. David Bell, Psychiater, London „pointed out that, by his estimation, gender “reassignment” clinics are not following up with patients post-operation. ... These clinics are just revolving doors for vulnerable people who are suffering from gender dysphoria. They come in, receive their drugs, undergo mutilation, and are pushed right back out the door without any follow-up or check-in.“

O-Töne von Detransitionierten

„I think that us detransitioners agree that medical transition is not the ideal solution to deal with gender dysphoria.“

I wish someone would have been there to tell me not to get castrated at 21.

So, it doesn’t make any sense to me why this is called transition or a sex change because it’s not it’s castration.

„I existed all last year through trying to make it work because I wanted to make it work because I didn’t want to face reality. And, so it was probably about back end of last year/beginning of this year when I started to realise this just isn’t going to work... it doesn’t make sense. I had to face up to the fact of liking women. I was a lesbian and I realised that it wasn’t going to work that I was identifying as ‘non-binary’ and I just couldn’t smoosh the two together and exist like that. I know it makes little sense but I just knew I was a lesbian at that point and I knew that and just didn’t want to face it.“

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